About us

Mission statement

Lamasped is aiming in providing its customers with the best possible service in transportation and moving solutions. We “deliver your requests” through:

  • Prompt and reliable communication

    You can contact any time you wish

  • Flexibility and innovation

    We do things the new way.

  • Competitive pricing

    You get the best value for your money.

We believe that satisfied customers are our most valuable asset.

Our team

Lamasped’s “brigade” consists of young and other more experienced professionals with freight forwarding and other similar backgrounds. Our team culture is based in the following axons:

  • We listen carefully to everybody that communicates with us (clients, suppliers or other stakeholders).

  • We discuss and express our views clear and honest.

  • We want to grow a bit better, every single day.

  • We conduct our business in a fair way.

Being committed to our company culture and our business processes, we target to reliable services and sustainable relationships with customers.